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We offer a tailored insurance solution for UK private sector healthcare organisations and dental practice corporations who are involved in providing healthcare treatments, advice and services.

Healthcare Protection

Our product will cover you for claims made against the entity which may not arise directly from the actions of your doctors or dentists.

Medical or dental malpractice

payment of claims for compensation resulting from any negligent act, error or omission

Good Samaritan Acts

you undertake should a claim arise from this

Libel or slander

claims against your practice

Defence costs

legal costs incurred for defending a claim

Civil liability

assistance with civil claims

Loss of documents costs

for patient medical/clinical records

Advancement of defence costs

to ensure legal fees are paid for as they occur

Vicarious liability

for staff acting for or in the name of your organisation

Unintentional breach of confidentiality

unintentional breach of confidentiality of sensitive and confidential records

Legal cost for representation at an inquiry

and for all related investigations

Telemedicine or Teledentistry

for Telephone Triage, Asynchronous Telemedicine/Teledentistry and Tele-monitoring work

Capacity of up to £10M


Tailor your insurance

We offer additional cover to add to your policy to ensure all your insurances needs are met.

  • Medico/Dentolegal protection
  • Public Relations support
  • Retroactive cover

Medico/Dentolegal protection

When you add on Medicolegal or Dentolegal Protection to your Healthcare protection policy you will also be given access to the MPS professional advice line which can provide expert support and complaints handling.

  • Legal proceedings brought against your organisation by a regulatory authority e.g. CQC.
  • A Coroner’s Inquest (or equivalent) and all legal costs incurred in relation to the investigation.
  • Criminal proceedings under the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007 (or jurisdiction specific equivalent) arising from the death of a patient or client.
  • Attending court and support with costs when required to attend a tribunal, arbitration, mediation or as a witness for another claim.

Public Relations (PR) support

Specialist Public Relations advice to help minimise any impact on your company reputation and cover costs up £50,000 to avert or mitigate any material damage.

Retroactive cover

Full retroactive cover to ensure your organisation is insured from the date you started trading.

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