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How does Healthcare Protection’s medical malpractice insurance work?

Medical and dental malpractice insurance covers claims made against your organisation during the policy period or after - if notified to us during the policy period. Your organisation should notify Healthcare Protection as soon as reasonably practicable after you first become aware of a claim or investigation made against the organisation, or a circumstance that may give rise to a claim, in accordance with the terms and conditions of the policy.

If my organisation switches to Healthcare Protection will our past work be covered?

If your organisation’s existing clinical malpractice cover is provided on a claims-made basis and you wish to move to Healthcare Protection’s medical malpractice insurance, consider taking out our retroactive cover. This would allow you to report adverse incidents that occurred prior to the start of your Healthcare Protection policy, or claims arising from them, but which you have only just become aware of.

Can I buy cover for any claims reported after my insurance policy has ended?

If your organisation is leaving another provider to join Healthcare Protection then retroactive cover is available to select on your new policy.

Is there a maximum claims limit on Healthcare Protection’s medical malpractice insurance?

The highest limit for any one year is £10m.

Is there a policy excess?

Your organisation can choose from a number of excess options between £0 and £10,000.

If my organisation buys Healthcare Protection’s medical malpractice insurance is employer’s liability insurance still required?

Healthcare Protection protects your organisation from claims of clinical negligence against it, in the delivery of healthcare treatment, advice and services. Employers’ liability insurance provides protection should an employee be injured or become unwell whilst in your employment and seek compensation. Healthcare Protection does not provide this type of insurance.

Is VAT payable on business insurance?

VAT is not paid on business insurance however; government levies and stamp duty are usually included in the price that you pay for your insurance policy. Unlike VAT, the government levies and stamp duty cannot be recovered.

What changes to my organisation need to be notified to Healthcare Protection?

Your organisation has to notify Healthcare Protection of any material changes to its business. A change is material if it would influence Healthcare Protection’s judgement of whether to offer insurance to your organisation and, if so, on what terms and for what price. If you have any doubts or questions please contact us for further information.

If we need to make any changes to our policy will there be a charge?

There is no charge for amending your policy.

Can the authorised person named in my organisation’s policy be changed?

Yes. To make amends to your policy contact your client manager.

Can my policy be extended to include new healthcare services provided by my organisation?

Yes it can, subject to our acceptance. Depending on the changes, there will potentially be an additional premium to pay.

Can my organisation buy insurance for more than a year?

No, however we will contact your organisation well before the policy ends to discuss renewal and ensure your organisation remains constantly covered.

How do I can cancel the policy?

If within the first 30 days after taking out the policy you decide to cancel, Healthcare Protection will refund any premium paid in full, and treat the policy as if it never existed.

If the policy is cancelled at any time after the first 30 days, your organisation will need to write to or email to Healthcare Protection with an instruction to cancel giving 30 days notice. If there are no reported claims or circumstances Healthcare Protection will provide a refund for the remaining period (including government levies and stamp duty).

You can write to us at:

MPSUW Limited, T/A Healthcare Protection, Victoria House, 2 Victoria Place, Leeds, United Kingdom, LS11 5AE

Where can I find out more information?

For more information about Healthcare Protection’s medical malpractice insurance please contact us.

What is excluded in the policy?

This could differ according to the policy you have with us. Therefore you must always check your policy wording carefully to ensure you understand what is covered and what is not to ensure the policy meets your expectations. If you are unclear as to whether or not something is included or excluded in your policy, please do not hesitate to contact your Healthcare Protection client manager.

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