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The healthcare landscape continues to be challenging for organisations, whether large or small. Through working with organisations like yours, Healthcare Protection has developed specialist knowledge of the medical malpractice market.

Insuring with Healthcare Protection’s medical malpractice insurance gives your organisation access to professional malpractice protection. There is also the option to include medicolegal or dentolegal advice, specialist PR support, retroactive cover and you will always be assured of expert claims handling.

Our product is designed to protect UK private sector healthcare and dental organisations providing treatments, advice and services.

Benefits of our medical malpractice insurance policy

Medical or dental malpractice cover

Payment of compensatory damages for any claims brought against your organisation arising from a negligent act, error or omission. This includes claimant costs

Defence costs

Legal costs incurred for defending a claim

Good Samaritan acts

Cover for liability arising during a Good Samaritan act worldwide (excluding USA and Canada)

Unintentional breach of confidentiality

Protection in the event data or information provided in confidence to you by a patient / client is disclosed to a third party without their consent

Advancement of defence costs

To ensure legal fees are paid for as they occur

Libel and slander

Cover for defamation cases filed against the entity including your defence costs

Variable indemnity limits and excesses

Tailored to your organisation's needs

Cost of replacing documents

Cover for the restoration or replacement of lost, damaged, stolen or destroyed documents of yours or entrusted to you

Indemnity to principal

Coverage for the listed principal when they are named in a liability suit involving the insured entity

Who we work with

A range of businesses can benefit from our medical malpractice insurance including:

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Private hospitals and hospital groups

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Primary care providers

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Secondary care clinic based providers

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Allied healthcare companies

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Dental organisations

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Dental schools and training facilities.

Tailor your insurance policy

We know that no two healthcare organisations – or their requirements – are the same, so you can tailor your insurance policy by including a range of additional options. Find out more >


To find out how we can support you, arrange a call with a client manager:


Healthcare Protection’s medical malpractice insurance can also be offered through MPS Partnerships which brings together services from the MPS group to provide tailored protection and risk management solutions.

To find out more visit the MPS Partnerships website.