Optional extras

Tailor your insurance policy

With Healthcare Protection, your policy can go beyond cover for medical malpractice claims.

With our range of optional extras, you can bolster your protection and benefit from an experienced in-house medicolegal or dentolegal team, specialist public relations support and retroactive cover – all of which can be purchased individually or together for added peace of mind.

Medicolegal or dentolegal protection up to £250,000

Advice and support in handling difficult situations and resolving problems before they escalate into complaints.


  • Defence costs for legal proceedings brought against your organisation by a regulatory authority eg CQC.
  • Representation at a coroner’s inquest (or equivalent) and all legal costs incurred in relation to the investigation.
  • Criminal proceedings under the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007 (or jurisdiction specific equivalent) arising from the death of a patient or client.
  • Support with out of pocket expenses when required to attend court or a regulatory hearing.

With our medicolegal or dentolegal protection you will also benefit from access to the professional advice line provided by MPS* (available Monday to Friday 08.30 to 17.30).  This allows you to speak to a consultant to discuss medicolegal or dentolegal issues or to seek advice on how to prevent a concern or problem escalating. 

*The advice line is a non-insurance benefit provided, as a complimentary non-contractual service, by The Medical Protection Society Limited (MPS). MPS is a company limited by guarantee registered in England with company number 00036142 at Level 19, The Shard, 32 London Bridge Street, London, SE1 9SG. MPS is not an insurance company. MPS® is a registered trademark

Public relations (PR) support up to £50,000

It is essential that poor publicity is averted or mitigated quickly.

Specialist media relations advice to help you deal with media enquiries, draft statements on your behalf, and provide assistance in helping you to avert or mitigate any risks to your company relating to claims.

This advice may be provided by our own experienced in-house media relations team or, occasionally, by expert third party consultants to ensure your personal needs are met.

Retroactive cover

Retroactive cover is added to your policy to pick up claims from activity carried out by your organisation prior to the policy start date. It extends cover back to the relevant specified date on your schedule, for adverse incidents and claims that have only come to light after your Healthcare Protection policy started. Any claims that arise from events prior to the specified retroactive date are not covered by your policy.

Retroactive cover can only be taken out at the start of a new policy.

Vicarious liability and non-delegable duty of care cover up to £1,000,000**

Provides indemnity for compensatory damages in respect of legal liability arising from clinical acts by an individual for whom your organisation is vicariously liable or where it is found to owe a non-delegable duty of care for the patients treated on its premises. Mandatory excess of £5,000.

**This extension is only available to specific market segments, with prior underwriting approval. Please speak to your Client Manager in the first instance.


To find out how we can support you, arrange a call with a client manager:


Healthcare Protection’s medical malpractice insurance can also be offered through MPS Partnerships which brings together services from the MPS group to provide tailored protection and risk management solutions.

To find out more visit the MPS Partnerships website.